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    Impact 2020: The mpaign for Providence has come to a successful completion!

    In July 2015, we launched a five-year $12.5M mpaign to strengthen the student experience at Providence. It was the largest, most ambitious mpaign in the institution’s history. We not only met that goal after three and a half years BUT pressed forward and set a new goal of $14.5M.

    We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our Impact 2020 mpaign. We are genuinely overjoyed at God’s provision and the result of your faithful giving. On April 7, 2021, we held a special virtual celebration live on Facebook and YouTube and unveiled the final mpaign total of $14,791,139!

    Our mpaign priorities included:

    • revitalizing the mpus,
    • offering new programs,
    • contributing to employee development, and
    • bringing an enhanced providence experience to more students.

    We received donations from 1,580 people who made 12,018 generous gifts. This included gifts from our Board, friends, businesses, 85 staff and faculty, and more than 700 alumni! BEUSE OF YOU, our generous partners, Providence students are being equipped for a wide variety of votions and to participate in God’s creative and redemptive work in the world. This mpaign has set a precedent for what we n achieve in the coming years for a stronger and better Providence as we continue to dream and endeavor together.

    Impact 2020 focused on enhancing the student experience at Providence. We set out to develop our program offerings, improve and build on our facilities, strengthen and give more opportunities for our staff and faculty, create an accessible environment for our students and staff, and continue to challenge our students as we strive for excellence in our edutional experience.

    Our Priorities

    Providence Fund

    We aim to be seen as a provider of top-tier Christian higher edution. Our graduates will be seen as difference-makers in their churches, workplaces, and communities. Learn more?

    mpus Enhancements

    We will renew our physil space by modernizing classrooms, renovating?residences, updating exteriors, and repairing our roadways.?Learn more

    Program Developments

    We will develop programs that will better prepare students for wide-ranging reers and ministry?opportunities. Learn more?

    Endowed Scholarships

    We will double our current Endowed Scholarship fund to make a Providence edution more accessible and to secure our future.?Learn more

    Develop Excellence in Faculty and Staff

    We will invest in our greatest asset, our Staff and Faculty. Learn more

    The Providence story is one of graduating leaders who are sought after to serve churches and communities, and Impact 2020 will propel us toward extraordinary impact on workplaces and communities in Manitoba, nada and around the world as we seek to be seen as a top-tier Christian post-secondary institution.

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    Providence Crushes Fundraising Goal for Impact 2020 mpaign

    Providence Crushes Fundraising Goal for Impact 2020 mpaign


    Dr. Kent Anderson Named as Next President


    State of the Institution 2020: An Address by President Dr. David Johnson


    Tackling Addiction and Homelessness in Edmonton


    Join with us today in making an impact.

    This $14.5M mpaign will help us accomplish our strategy to fulfill the Providence vision, to grow our enrollment and to secure our future.

    Give now >

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